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Integrated Development Model


I use the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision, which is regarded as one of the most extensively researched developmental models in the field. This model has proven to be highly effective in supporting clinicians' professional growth and development, and I find it particularly valuable in my work with clients.

The Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision enables me to meet each supervisee at their current stage of development, recognizing and respecting their unique strengths, experiences, and areas for growth. By understanding where they are in their professional journey, I can provide tailored support and guidance appropriate to their specific developmental stage. One of the key advantages of this model is that it facilitates the supervisee's progression to the next stage of their professional development. I firmly believe that growth is a continuous process, and this model allows me to help my clients navigate through the different stages of their clinical practice. By identifying their current developmental needs and goals, I can provide targeted interventions and resources to support their advancement and maturation as clinicians.

As your mentor, my ultimate goal is to assist you in your journey toward becoming a licensed clinician. I understand the challenges and complexities that can arise in this process, and I am dedicated to providing the support and guidance necessary for your success. Together, we will work collaboratively to address any obstacles, build upon your strengths, and enhance your skills as a social worker.

Additionally, I believe that it is vital for each supervisee to find their own stride and unique approach in their role as a social worker. While I am here to offer guidance and mentorship, I also recognize the importance of fostering your individuality and helping you cultivate your own professional style. Utilizing the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision, I can help you identify and nurture your authentic voice, ensuring that you feel empowered and confident in your work.

LCSW Clinical Supervision

In my virtual clinical supervision program, I provide individual supervision sessions for a total of four hours per month or two-hour group sessions twice a month. I understand the importance of flexibility and convenience, which is why all supervision sessions are conducted online.

I recognize that each state has different regulations regarding required supervision hours, eligibility criteria, and timeframes for earning hours. During our initial intake session, we will discuss the specific requirements of your state licensing board. It is essential for you, as the supervisee, to take responsibility for familiarizing yourself with your state's requirements. However, rest assured that I will be by your side, offering guidance and support as you navigate through the process.

I am committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching supervision experience that aligns with your professional goals and state requirements. Together, we will work diligently to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria and progress towards becoming a licensed clinician.  

Topics Discussed in Supervision

+ NASW Law and Ethics Code

+ The Integrated Developmental Model (IDM)

+ Self-other Awareness, motivation and autonomy

+ Case Briefing

+ Setting boundaries

+ Providing and receiving feedback

+ Client safety and mandated reporting

+ Countertransference

+ Cultural competency

+ Advocacy

+ Self-care

+ Best practices for documentation

+ Theories and technique

+ Career goals

+ Work related stressors

+ Diagnostic skills | Tx planning

+ Racism/Anti-Racism in the workplace

Does My Job Qualify?


Every state licensing board has requirements regarding what types of jobs qualify to earn clinical hours. Generally, if you use screening tools to assess, do psycho-social assessments, diagnose, and treat mental health issues using DSM-V criteria, your job meets the requirements of LCSW supervision.

Do not worry too much about making a formal diagnosis. In many settings, the lead social worker, lead nurse, physicians, psychiatrists, or independently licensed mental health professionals are responsible for diagnosing clients or patients.

Individual Supervision

LMSW/ASW Associates typically meet for clinical supervisor for 4 hours per month.

Group Supervision

Group supervision generally includes 2-4 supervisee’s per group and is 2 hours long 2x per month.  I require supervisee’s that participate in group supervision to also participate in one individual supervision per month. Group members typically present cases, ethical dilemmas or open discussion regarding an encounter at work or any topic that allows for growth and development. Group supervision allows you to receive feedback from other group member’s and myself.

LCSW Exam Preparation

The exam preparation group is an additional service offered 2-4x per quarter in a group setting. Using accredited course material (each participant will have to purchase their work material), we will discuss DSM-V, Macro issues, Mezzo issues, interventions, theory and more as a group and how to think about the questions on the exam that will increase your chances of passing.

Participating in the group does not guarantee that you will pass the exam.


I offer MSW career coaching, supporting social work professionals in their career development. From interview preparation and job search strategies, I provide comprehensive guidance to help you advance in your field. With a focus on exploring career options, identifying strengths, and creating a clear roadmap, I empower social workers to thrive and make a meaningful impact.

I firmly believe that social workers don’t have to hate what they do or feel limited in their earning potential. Contrary to popular belief, social workers can find fulfilling careers and achieve financial success. Grad school often fails to teach us how to turn our skills into the dream job we want, and social workers are sometimes taught that they are not supposed to make money or enjoy their work.

Through my coaching services, I am dedicated to helping social workers break through these misconceptions and realize their true potential. I provide guidance and strategies to help you identify career paths that align with your passions and values, while also offering the opportunity to earn the income you desire. 

Together, we will challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be a successful social worker.

Getting Started

STEP 1 – Show your interest by sending a message.

STEP 2—We will then schedule a 15-minute consultation to allow both of us to ask questions and determine whether we are a good fit for supervision.

STEP 3—Once we decide to move forward with supervision, we will complete a supervision contract, consent to services form, clinical supervision plan, and any documentation requirements from the Board. The plan will include the time and hours that we have agreed to meet for supervision.

STEP 4—You will then email your employer supervisor to introduce me and let them know that you have begun clinical supervision. The requirements are a little different in California, and we can discuss this during our consultation before we agree to start services.

Note: Each supervisee is required to have liability insurance and complete a short  Law and Ethics quiz within the first 30 days after the initial supervision session.

Let's work together

I enjoy mentoring and supervising others in the field of social work. I currently provide clinical supervision for those who reside in California, Washington, or Indiana. All sessions are online using a HIPAA-compliant platform. Your state licensing board will determine how many hours of supervision you need and the required timeline. My clinical specialties include Perinatal Mental Health, The Department of Children and Family Services, Medical Social Work, Play Therapy (non-RPT), and Victim Advocacy.

To learn more, please click the LETS TALK tab below.


Can I obtain all of my supervision hours virtually?

At this time, Indiana and Washington State allow supervisees to receive all of their clinical supervision hours virtually. California does not allow virtual supervision at this time. ( Due to COVID-19, CA has made some temporary changes to allow for virtual supervision.)

Do you provide supervision for solo private practices?

Under special circumstances, I will supervise those who want to start a private practice while earning their hours toward licensure. Due to the liability involved, we would have to have a separate agreement and guidelines before supervision can begin.

Do you provide supervision for group practices?

Yes, if a practice owner would like me to supervise their LMSW/ASW, an agreed-upon contract will be developed. I do not provide clinical supervision for group practices that require me to get paneled with insurance.

Are there any modalities that you do not provide supervision for?

Great Question! I like to stay within my scope of practice, experience, and training. Hence, if you are working with a population that I feel is not within my scope of training, I will not be able to accept you as a supervisee. Unless you have an alternate supervisor who can support you with that specific modality. Examples would include substance abuse, sex therapy, eating disorders,  severe trauma EMDR. Sometimes, these specific areas of practice overlap, and I will be able to provide support, but if you are looking for a specialized therapist in these specific areas, I would suggest that a specialist may be a better fit for what you need. If your modality is not listed, please send a message, and I will let you know if the work you do fits within my scope of practice.

How much is supervision and do you accept payment from employers?

Individual supervision is $120 per hour and group supervision is $100 per hour. I do accept payment from employers. The price is the same unless the employer requires supervision, oversight of all clinical documentation, and contact with clients. Suppose there is not another onsite supervisor who is present with the supervisee throughout the week to sign off on documentation and oversee day-to-day contact with clients. In that case, a contract must be developed between the employer and myself. In this circumstance, the hourly rate will change depending on your caseload count and if the population you are working with are high-risk clients.

The same applies to providing supervision for Private practice owners. The price for Private practice will change and a special contract will be developed to meet the needs of your practice.