Mama Wellness Check-ins

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Mama Wellness Check-ins

A Mama Wellness check-in is a one-time appointment created for pregnant and postpartum moms who may not need therapy but may need someone to check on their mental and emotional health. As a new mother navigating new challenges including body changes, hormonal changes as well as balancing caring for a new baby and yourself can be stressful. The stress can feel unmanageable and have a negative impact on your mental health. A check-in will allow you to speak with someone that will be able to provide some supportive tools and psych-education on ways to balance this new normal.

Why Would A Mother Need A Check-in?

As a mother, usually, the first thing to go is taking care of ourselves. Throughout our pregnancy and postpartum stage we make sure to schedule visits to our baby's pediatrician and to see our OB/GYN for our physical health. However, we forget to have someone check in on our mental health. The Mama Wellness Check-ins will focus on your mental health and emotional adjustment to your motherhood journey. Together, we will create a self-care plan and focus on the needs of your mental health. Wellness Check-ins may be all you need, or you may decide after the check-in that you would like additional ongoing mental health support and enroll in psychotherapy sessions.

What Is Included?

+ Brief mental health screening

+ Open discussion on your current symptoms and concerns

+ Self-care plan and supportive tools/handouts

+ Recommendations, resources and referrals

+ Coordination of care with your primary care doctor upon  client's request

What To Consider?

+ The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends having a screen for depression and anxiety at least once during and after pregnancy.

+ Some research suggests that depressive episodes occur more frequently during the first, third and fourth trimesters.

+ The weeks and months after the birth of your baby can be overwhelming. Having a check-in and wellness plan can help support your mental wellness and educate you on what to watch for. 

+ Due to symptoms of depression occurring anytime within the first year, being prepared to recognition of postpartum disorders symptoms will allow for early intervention when needed.

After a Mama Check-in will I become a regular client?

No, A check-in is not a psychotherapy session and will not include the same interventions that you would have if you were in on-going therapy. To learn more about therapy sessions, please go to the Therapy For Moms page under the services tab?

Will I be provided with a diagnosis or medication during a check-in session?

No, a diagnosis is only given to clients who have signed consent to participate in therapy and has gone through a thorough clinical mental health assessment and meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis. Not all clients that participate in therapy meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis. Part of the check-in is providing recommendations and resources if needed. During your check-in, if a higher level of services are needed, I will let you know if finding a therapist may be best for you. I do not have authorization to prescribe medication of any kind to clients.

How many check-ins can someone have?

My recommendation is for pregnant mothers to have their first check-in sometime during their 2nd and 3rd Trimester and for postpartum mothers to have a check-in sometime in the 4th trimester. Preferably during the Baby Blues phase ( 2 weeks postpartum). I will only provide two check-ins per pregnancy. After that, I would recommend ongoing therapy.

Will you complete a screening to see if I need ongoing services?

Great Question! Yes, part of the check-in services will include a brief screening to assess your mental and emotional health.

Can I bring my baby to a Check-in?

Absolutely! Babies are welcome to come to your appointment. All sessions are virtual, which makes it easier for new moms. I also acknowledge that bonding and attachment for mothers and babies are very important during the 4th trimester. Sessions are 75 minutes long, and we can work around your schedule to get a time that works for you and your baby.